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Better Bob Marley quotes out of their music

Better Bob Marley quotes out of their music

twenty-five. “Every day life is you to large highway with several signs. So when your driving through the ruts, usually do not complicate your head. Flee regarding dislike, mischief and envy.

26. “You could fool many people both/but you can’t deceive every anyone for hours on end” – Bob Marley, Awake Stand up

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32. “The greatest coward try a man just who awakens a beneficial woman’s love no intention of enjoying her” – Bob Marley

34. “The brand new winds you to definitely possibly grab things we like, are identical you to definitely offer you things we learn to love. Therefore we cannot cry regarding the a thing that was extracted from you, however,, sure, love whatever you was in fact given. Because the what exactly is very ours is never gone forever.” ? Bob Marley

thirty six. “If you’re able to like unsuitable person that much, consider exactly how much you might like the correct one.” ? Bob Marley

38. “Certain tend to dislike your imagine they like at this point you following trailing it try to dump you.” ? Bob Marley

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